About company 

GENERALBUD has been successfully holding the leading market positions for more than 10 years. During this time we have shown an excellent performance as the Company that offers a full range of services for construction of new facilities, as well as revamping and rehabilitation of the existing ones.
  • professional team;
  • efficient operations;
  • price conforming to the quality of rendered services;
  • individual approach;
  • high-performance equipment;
  • further technical assistance.

All the operations are client-specific as provided by regulatory documents and legislation. The complex engineering solutions are the key competence of our company.

  • Household

We design and construct the energy facilities. The design of biomass-fired thermal power plants, hydropower plants, installation of external and internal electrical networks fall within our competence.
The company’s contribution as a general designer and erection contractor involves all the phases and stages of project implementation activities: from the preparation of documents to the final facility putting into operation.

In 2009, GENERALBUD hired several independent experts who render services for technical support during the construction, revamping or overhaul of buildings and constructions.

In 2010, the Engineering Group that focuses on development and adoption of complex solutions in small-scale power generation was individually formed. This group made a good showing at the energy facility design and construction market. Over this relatively short period of time, employees of the company have succeeded to implement more than 35 projects for power generation and electricity transmission companies.

GENERALBUD has experience in the design and turn-key construction of small-scale power generation facilities using its own resources. Total electric power of the power plants placed into operation has already exceeded 65 MW.

We work: 

GENERALBUD does not stand static. Currently we are developing a new approach — proposals for power equipment leasing and rental, which will give the opportunity for our Customers and Partners to save money, cut down the service personnel, reduce downtime of special equipment and improve the power system performance.